Summer Camp!

At Stake DAO Academy, it has always been our mission to spread crypto and blockchain education by making it more accessible. In the past, we have broken down the most technical concepts in blockchain, cryptocurrencies and DeFi, and built an archive of 60+ easily readable articles. Now, we are proud to present to you: Summer Camp! —  by Stake DAO Academy.
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Summer Camp! consists of four themed learning journeys, curated to help the reader understand subjects as a web of concepts, as opposed to individual trends. Each journey consists of a series of articles which end with a Quiz.

Learning Journeys by Stake DAO Academy:

To make the Quiz that much more delightful, we have also decided to reward the best of our participants on the basis of their scores! The rewards will be in the form of Stake DAO’s own project token — SDT.

We look forward to hosting you at Summer Camp! this season. Welcome to The Herd! 🐘


  • When does the Summer Camp! programme start and end?
    Season 1 of Summer Camp starts on 8th August 2022, and is valid until 2nd September 2022.
  • How will rewards for Quiz be distributed?
    The rewards for Quiz will be distributed at the end of every week, to the selected addresses, on the Polygon network.
    Quiz submissions will be ranked and shortlisted according to their score, after which a lottery will decide the final winners.
  • Which token will Quiz winners receive as rewards?
    12 Quiz winners every week will receive 50 SDT each on Polygon.
  • Are rewards active for all Learning Journeys throughout the month?
    No, each Learning Journey and its Quiz are eligible for rewards only in their respective weeks. Follow us on Twitter for updates on weekly themes.
  • Can I complete the Quiz multiple times?
    Yes, multiple entries are encouraged to help readers revise and improve the quality of their learning — while only the highest of first three scores is eligible for shortlisting.
    Any abuse of the programme or automated attempts to attack or game the rewards will lead to permanent blacklisting.
  • Which languages is Summer Camp! available in?
    Summer Camp! is currently available only in English and Turkish. We are working on adding new languages for future seasons.

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