Liquid Lockers — Twitter Contest

Liquid Lockers — Twitter Contest

Over the course of August and September 2022, Stake DAO Academy has given away 2000 SDT to winners at Summer Camp — featuring our library of themed learning journeys across Crypto, DeFi, DAOs and NFTs.

Now, we're back with a new journey that explains one of Stake DAO's very own products— Liquid Lockers.

Liquid Lockers build on top of the open-source financial innovation in DeFi, and offer users a seamless experience taking advantage of both yield and governance.

Make your way through all the resources on this page and answer the quiz at the end — and be eligible for our 500 SDT giveaway!

This program is live from Oct 10 2022 upto Oct 14 2022 CET.

DAOs and Governance
In traditional finance, private companies have control over their clients’ funds and transparency is often lacking. In contrast to this, DeFi projects are often run by a DAO which allows all users to participate in the decision-making process. This is made possible by a variety of tokenized governan…
What are Liquid Lockers?
💡Head on over to our Liquid Lockers to unleash the full potential of veTokens with Stake DAO. Liquidity Pools are a significant part of DeFi. And for crypto projects, liquidity pools holding their own tokens are of keen interest. Continued liquidity for the project’s tokens is a prominent indicator
Introducing Liquid Lockers & veSDT
Boosted voting, bribing, liquidity, and boosted yield. No trade-offs.
Liquid Lockers on the Stake DAO App — unleash the full potential of your veTokens!

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